I really love writing code, and playing with new technologies.

Here some stuff I’m working/worked on.


The next generation web publishing platform

The idea is to create a new isomorphic web publishing platform, with the speed of a single page application, but server side rendered on the first load.


Speed up your AngularJS development and testing with a great gulpjs build system.

angular-kickstart is an opinionated kickstart for single page application development with AngularJS. It makes your development and testing easy, keeps the structure of the project consistent and allows you to create a fully optimized production release with ease. After having developed a lot of AngularJS projects I decided to collect here what I’ve learnt.


The definitive modal/popup/dialog solution for AngularJS.

Modal dialogs and popups for Angular.js (>=1.2.x) applications. Mobile friendly out of the box.


A simple silex skeleton for writing scalable rest api.

This project wants to be a starting point to writing scalable and maintainable REST api with Silex PHP micro-framework